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A8 Program

At Active8Kids we combine Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior and Parkour. At the heart of our program is an opportunity for all participants to play, learn and gain confidence in their ability to use their bodies in an inclusive and nurturing environment. All of our coaches are professionals in Physical Education, Gymnastics and Sports Coaching.

We encourage all participants to be courageous as they gain confidence in using their bodies to accomplish various skills and techniques related to Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior and Parkour.


We teach core gymnastics techniques such as; forward / backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands and Round offs, with progressions that lead to tumbling. We teach all participants how to use single bars, parallel bars and rings.


We teach strength and core stability and use Monkey Bars and NINJA WARRIOR equipment for climbing and swinging. We also teach how to negotiate obstacles and create FLOW with their movement. We enable participants to gain confidence in their own ability whilst having FUN and gaining fitness and strength.


Our state of the art facility in Bondi Junction provides an environment that is light and open with lots of space.


*Term cost is pro-rated for the number of weeks remaining in the term.

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