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These classes focus solely on the skills and techniques associated with Gymnastics. Our Gymnastics program will teach the basics for those that are new to the discipline, as well as progress further those that are more advanced. We will work on improving strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, agility, confidence, and social skills for children of all ages and abilities.


Recreation 5-8 Years 

Girls and Boys work on all gymnastics apparatus, including Vault, Floor, Beam, and Bars, as well as the Mini Trampoline and Rings. We have multiple coaches who will be able to deliver a good differentiation of ability; giving each child the opportunity to be challenged according to their level. We will teach and progress techniques such as handstands, cartwheels and bridges, as well as the technical skills used on the Beam, Low Bar, Parallel Bars and Rings. 


Recreation 9-12 Years

Girls and Boys will continue their progressions on all techniques associated with Gymnastics. These classes are aimed at older children, but we cater for those who are new to gymnastics as well as the more advanced participants. Differentiation is key and we create an environment where we challenge each child to reach their full potential. We continue with building on the basic techniques of handstands, cartwheels and bridges, as well as the Beam, Low Bar, Parallel Bars and Rings. However, we now advance techniques with somersaults, hand / head springs and look at connecting techniques together to progress into tumbling and Acrobatics.

BOOK IN NOW FOR TERM 2!! Click a class below with vacancies to book in, or click a full class to join a waitlist. Please note – this timetable shows real-time availability and is always up to date. You may book in mid-term and the price will be pro-rated.


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